Systems Consultants Associates can provide “free assistance” to certified MDOT DBE’s in the following areas:

  • Preparing company business cards and profile sheets, and providing information on recommended target areas for your marketing efforts.
  • Acting as a liaison between the DBE contractor and Prime Contractor regarding project information and problems occurring on the jobsite.
  • Informing of upcoming MDOT lettings and project information for other agencies throughout the state. SYSTEMS can assist you in locating bid tabulation information as well.
  • Providing assistance and guidance on material takeoffs, bid preparation and estimating, project scheduling, and planning for projects that DBEs are bidding on or plan to bid on in the near future.
  • Supporting with office computer operations to include trouble-shooting problems, Internet access and software installation, and basic to technical computer training.
  • Assisting in financial areas such as loan and bond package preparations, company financial statements, business plan preparation, and SBA 8(a) and Hub-Zone certification packages.


Benefits of Supportive Services Participation

Stronger Teams
Not only do the Supportive Services staff become a part of your team we also assist in the education, training and development of existing team members and when requested, we help find new staff to help build new and stronger teams.

New Customer Base and New Customers
With the mission of winning new customers and contracts, the Supportive Services team strategically arranges meetings, forums and networking events that promote the services of certified DBE firms.  The Supportive Services team also produces a newsletter each month that feature the products and services of DBE firms.

Staying Informed
The Supportive Services team compiles and forwards contracting opportunities in a separate alert and in its newsletter each month.  Additionally, the team provides legislative updates, safety and other information directly to DBE firms.

Increased Marketing
The Supportive Services team provides assistance in developing and distributing marketing material in concert with and in many cases on behalf of DBE firms.

Growth and Development

The Supportive Services team arranges and facilitates training and professional development events that promote individual and company growth as well as development.

Less Stress

In many cases the Supportive Services team does the work for you so you will not have to.  The team sort and filters all the MDOT projects by scopes of work and distribute this information on a monthly basis.  Additionally, the teams review hundreds of project postings, newspaper listings and public announcements on behalf of DBE firms delivering the filtered information directly to the DBE’s inbox. Therefore, removing the stress and hassle for the DBE firm.